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Terms and Conditions
OBITSsetx.com is a web based community resource dedicated to providing complete, subscription free obituary information to the residents of Southeast Texas and beyond. Obituary information is provided and placed on-line by member funeral homes.

  • Membership to OBITSsetx.com is available to any funeral home licensed, or otherwise certified, by their state‚Äôs funeral service governing board or agency. All registration information and state license or certification numbers are verified prior to granting administrative access to the site. Once credentials are verified, membership is granted and site administrative access is activated.
  • OBITSsetx.com reserves the right to restrict or revoke the membership of any funeral home not adhering to these Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy.
  • At the discretion of OBITSsetx.com, Terms and Conditions may be modified at any time and become effective upon notification in writing to member firms and upon publishing the revised Terms and Conditions on the web site.

OBITsetx.com is not responsible for any obituary content, accuracy or suitability for publishing.

  • By accepting membership to OBITSsetx.com, member funeral homes assume full responsibility for all content, images or other information they publish and acknowledge they have permission to publish the obituary, images or other information from the surviving next of kin or authorized representative of the family or estate.
  • Member funeral homes further agree to our Privacy Policy prohibiting any information collected or available on OBITSsetx.com from being sold to, or shared with, any non-member company, organization or individual.
  • OBITSsetx.com reserves the right to remove any obituary it deems unsuitable or inappropriate for publication. This shall include, but is not limited to, inappropriate or offensive language, photographs, or any information found libelous in nature.
  • Funeral Homes registered as site "Sponsors" may terminate their sponsorship at any time. To terminate sponsorship, send an e-mail stating your request for termination and effective date to admin@LilyInc.com. Fees paid for monthly sponsorship will be prorated and refunded by the registered payment method within 15 days of request. Termination of sponsorship will modify the funeral home‚Äôs membership to "Participant" and result in benefits reduced to the free "Participant" level.
  • Funeral Homes registered as free "Participants" may terminate their membership at any time. To terminate membership, send an e-mail stating your request for termination and effective date to admin@LilyInc.com. Upon termination of Participating Membership, any obituaries hosted on OBITSsetx.com will become inactive and unavailable for public viewing.
  • Paid advertising must be cancelled 30 days in advance of the effective cancellation date. To cancel scheduled advertising, send an e-mail stating your request for cancellation to ads@LilyInc.com . Any funds paid beyond the effective date of cancellation will be refunded within 15 days through the method payment was received.
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